Hand Painted Cake + Easy Fondant Flower Tutorial

Every now and again I get in the mood to create a cake that is feminine, pretty and flirty.  These past few weeks in between cake orders I played around with this design and the result is a hand painted cake with a simple fondant flower that I absolutely adore. This hand-painted cake is nothing that I have ever seen before.  I believe was able to capture all three things in this cake.  As a result, I have prepared a tutorial on how to make a quick fondant flower using a rose cutter.  hand painted cake easy fondant flower

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I know you are probably saying not another hand painted cake.

Well, why not? I enjoy making them and I believe you will too.  I have a small confession to make, once I settled on the design I actually woke up a little bit earlier than usual to paint this cake. The result far exceeded my expectation.  Because normally the design does not always translate as well as I would like.  This shows that the steps from my last tutorial how to create a hand painted cake can be replicated for any design.

Making the quick fondant flower

I love making edible flowers, but I don’t get to make them as often as I would like.  I was happy to make one because I felt like the hand painted cake while perfect needed a little something If you are not comfortable making flowers or have never made edible flowers before this is perfect for you.  It is super easy to make with no floral wires.  The flower is simple and stunning.

This flower can be made to match any design. For this cake, I made a white fondant flower with hints of pink to match the cake.  Make your flower as big and bold as you like.hand painted cake quick fondant Flower

Supplies Needed

Now that we have all our supplies lets make our quick fondant flower.

  • Step 1: Add some CMC to the fondant, mix in and let it sit for a few minutes.  Then roll fondant as thin as possible.hand painted cake quick fondant Flower
  • Use the rose cutter to either cut three flowers of the same size or small, medium or large.  hand painted cake quick fondant Flower
  • Place the flowers on a foam board place the ball tool at the edge of the flower and the board and thin the edges of the flower.  Then, use the ball tool and elongate the petal by going back and forth.hand painted cake easy fondant flower
  • Add the first flower to a flower cup and line up with the center of the cup.hand painted cake easy fondant flower
  • Perform the same steps above with the second flower, then add some water or piping gel to the first flower and position the petals in between the first flower in the center.  hand painted cake easy fondant flower
  • Perform the same steps for the third flower petal. Then add some water or piping gel and add the sugar pearls. Curl the edges of the flowers a little bit more until you are happy with it.hand painted cake easy fondant flower
  • Allow the flower to dry overnight.  When the flower is dry, used a small flat brush and dust the center with the pink peony luster dust.hand painted cake easy fondant flower tutorial
  • Then using the edible paint, paint the edges of the flower pink.hand painted cake easy fondant flower
  • You may also paint the sugar pearls with the edible paint.hand painted cake easy fondant flower
  • To apply to cake use candy melt or chocolate and hold for a few minutes and that’s it. hand painted cake easy fondant flowerIf you like this tutorial don’t forget to share with your friends.  Also, if you tried any of my tutorials comment below.  Pin for later.hand painted cake easy fondant flower tutorialOther Posts you might enjoy:

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