Gift Box Cake

Gift Box Cake

My sister celebrated her 40th birthday.  Shhh! She’s still saying she 25.  She requested a gift box cake with bow and tails for her birthday. I obliged, after all this is a milestone.  As I prepared her cake, I thought about all the years and just how special she is to me.    Absolutely, awesome sister, mom and wife.

Few things…

Growing up she was the brains behind the creation of our homemade scooter and play house, which we attempted to make ourselves.  Hence, our many DIY projects present day.

Let’s talk cake

For the cake, I decided to make a red velvet carrot cake, that is half red velvet and half carrot cake.  I used cream cheese as my filling and Italian meringue buttercream for the outside.  The idea of this cake was great… until it was time to ice it.  Oh my goodness, we all know that icing a square cake is very challenging.  However, I was determined to have sharp corners.  Phew… Finally after a second batch of buttercream I achieved my goal, and it was time to add fondant.

The design my sister chose had a quilted pattern with edible pears, pink bows and pink ribbon. I was so excited about this because I was able to use my stitching tool.  Once I marked the lines for the quilted pattern, I added pink edible pearls, added the bows on top and the pink ribbon.  Normally I decorate the cake board with fondant, this time I added the G for Gucci as a final touch because that is her favorite brand.

The Big Reveal

Finally… it was time to deliver the cake.  This one was a piece of cake.  She loved it and was surprised she has two flavors. She is going to kill me when she finds out I blogged about her real age.   Happy 40th Birthday sissy.



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