A Two Dimensional (2D) Spiderman Cake

Well… I finished another cake this week.

This week, my task was to make a two dimensional (2D) Spiderman cake.  As always, I checked Dr. Google for some inspirational photos to use.  There were lots to choose from…  I wanted to make something that was simple, but still have movement.  I wanted Spiderman to look like he is swinging from building to building.   I also toyed with the idea of making the Spiderman bust, but that was way too much cake.  I had my plans and I was ready to go.

The cake, was my delicious chocolate cake with  cookies and cream filling.   The cookies and cream filling is just crushed Oreos added to my yummy Italian Meringue buttercream.  I must admit I love Oreos so this is my opportunity to have a few.  I filled and frosted the cake, then covered in blue fondant.  I digress.

I made Spiderman out of fondant with some CMC added to make it firm. Then painted the black web and shadow on the legs with my black edible marker.  I was pleased with the outcome.

Then I made the buildings and some red bricks for the side of the cake.  I made the buildings and red bricks out of fondant as well.  I added yellow fondant windows to the buildings.   I then made white web (you know the one he swings with) to make him look like he is swinging.

When I added the 2D Spiderman, the bricks and buildings to the cake, the top looked like it needed some love.  Plus, I needed something to rest the white web on.  I made a standing number eleven (11) out of fondant and laid my web on top.  Then, I added a larger web on top of the cake.

At this point I was very pleased with the cake and had to pull myself away from adding more detail.  The final cake. Dryl loved his cake.


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  1. T | 2nd Apr 17

    That looks too good to eat. Your cakes looks and taste amazing. I do wonder ” is that really edible”?

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