British Flag Teapot Cake

British Flag Teapot Cake

I am very excited about this blog post.  My friend MG asked me to make a British Flag Teapot Cake for a bridal shower. The bride-to-be loves everything British and chocolate.  I could not wait to take on the challenge. I like teapots and every once in a while I sing the teapot song. Anyway I digress.

Making the Cake

For the teapot cake I made my delicious chocolate mud cake, with nutella Italian Meringue buttercream and a chocolate nutella ganache.  The cake is rich and chocolatey and did I mention delicious.  I made two 8 inch spheres for a perfect circle.  I torted each sphere and filled with the nutella Italian Meringue buttercream filling.  This is hands down one of the best filling I made, it’s fabulous.  It takes alot to walk away from the bowl and not get an ice cream cone.

While the cake was firming up in the refrigerator, I prepared the fondant, which was colored in royal blue.  In addition, I cut out strips of red fondant and small white strips for the flag. Once the filling was settled, I placed the bottom tier on the center dowel of the cake board.  Then added a few more dowels, some frosting, a cake board, then the top tier.

Afterwards I carved the cake to get a tapered look at the bottom of the cake.  Honestly you can get really carried away here.  When I was happy with the result,  I added the delicious chocolate nutella ganache.  It was finally time to  decorate the cake.

The Cake Board

I prepared the cake board in advanced by placing a small styrofoam base and center dowel through the base and the board.  I certainly did not want to take any chances.   No rolling teapot here. The cake board was a half inch foam core board added to a regular Wilton cake base to get the height for the scalloped border.

Tip me over and pour me out (the spout and the handle)

Now a teapot is not complete without a handle and a spout.  The spout and handle had to be proportional to the cake itself.  Therefore, I drew a teapot the size of my sphere, then sketched the handle and sprout from my inspiration teapot.  The drawing served as my template to create the spout and handles. 

I made these items in advanced from fondant mixed with some CMC. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of these items.

Putting it all together

At this point I felt like I accomplished a lot and could not wait to put all the decorations on the cake.  I added the spout and the handle, then started to add the red and white strips.  However, I believe I was way too confident, because my handle started to break… *sigh*  No problem, after my third attempt to fix the handle, I decided to make a new one.  Then the sprout started to tip over.  I secured the sprout with a dowel and placed a piece of fondant underneath.  Phew…. I went back to adding the fondant strips.

I then decorated the cake board with a scalloped red, white and blue fondant border and the top of the board with white fondant. This process took way longer than I had estimated.  But the teapot cake was complete. A different angle of the cake.


Nevertheless, I enjoyed making this cake.





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