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About us

Welcome to our blog. is an online cake journal that showcases behind the scene of the fabulous cakes created by G’s Custom Cakes-N-More.  G’s Custom Cakes-N-More creates custom cakes for all occasion, 3D cakes, sculpted cakes, pies, cookies, cake pops and much more.  Our goal is that with each one of our cake creation we get the response “wow” is that cake?” or “is that really edible?”

My Story…

Hi, I’m Gretchen my friends call me “G” or “Gretch.” I was born in Jamaica, West Indies and immigrated to Long Island, NY when I was 16 years old.  My grandparents were great influences in my life, especially my grandmother (Cleopatra the great).  Grandma cooked and baked.  She taught me everything I know.  By day I am an auditor and a cake decorator by night.

I LOVE baking and cake decorating, but most of all, I LOVE being a mom. I am a mom of a beautiful boy (a young paleontologist).  Cake decorating is a passion of mine. I am 100% self-taught, well 98% because I took a Wilton class on buttercream flowers. I love creating cakes and to challenge myself.  My hope is that I can share with you the love and the detail that goes into each one of our cakes and how to decorate cakes like the pros.About us G & A

I started decorating cakes by accident.  Even though I grew up around cakes, I never had an interest. My aunt Maureen is an excellent cake decorator and pastry chef.  As the years went by, I baked cakes and bread (healthy banana bread, my famous banana muffins, Zucchini bread, lemon pound cake, and healthy brownies) for my family and friends.  In addition, I baked for every occasion that I could.

However, a few years ago, my sister asked me to make Bucky, the sailboat from Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake for my nephew.   It seems like it was just yesterday.  This was my very first time using fondant.  I remember researching fondant and eventually bought satin ice chocolate fondant from online.

Then, a year later my son wanted an Avengers cake.  Nevertheless, when I looked at the picture, I thought, oh boy this will be a challenge.  I absolutely loved the challenge and the look on his face.  It was not until I made a Louis Vuitton pocketbook, that everyone convinced me to open my own business.  The rest is history… Every day I challenge myself to be a better cake decorator and baker.

We are very excited to share our cake journey with you.

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